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Resinoid bonded grinding wheel is made by bonding diamond grit together with the use of a resinoid bond. As resinoid bond, those of the phenol resin type and thepolyimide resin type are used, Hitherto binders of the phenol resin type were commonly used. Resinoid bonded grinding wheel have a good elasticity, and distinguished for their fine surface finish and high grinding performance and highly effective.
Polyimide wheel is recommended for heavy grinding and creep feed grinding
Precision Grinding
**Cylindrical, centerless, surface and internal grinding of carbide tools, cutters, dies, gages, etc.
**Grinding chip breaker grooves
**Grinding threads in carbide taps and gages
**Sharpening carbide reamers, drills inserted tooth milling cutters, etc.
Cut-Off and Slotting
**Cutting sintered carbide to size where fast cutting is important
Off Hand Grinding
**Sharpening single point tools where fast cutting action is required.
**Grinding new carbide single point tools on a production basis.

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