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Inquas SIP resistor networks are designed using Inquas? years of experience in thick film resistor technology. Their reliability is assured by a mass production system that puts quality first. Inquas? Resistor Networks are designed to meet a wide variety of resistor needs and are available in bussed and isolated configurations. Custom design circuit schematics are also available to fully meet the customer's needs.
Low profile package, 4 ? 12 Pins configuration
Low TCR (-55 to +125 ?C) ? 100 PPM/ ?C
Resistor elements protected by tough epoxy conformal coating
Highly stable thick film
Wide resistance range

Typical Applications
Home Electronics appliances like Color TVs, VCRs, Audio Equipment, Home Appliances containing microcomputers. Examples include air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens.
Computer and Peripheral devices, Printers, Telephones, Programmable controllers,
Car Electronics.

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UL approved
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Newly manufactured
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