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Detailed Product Description

1, It can reduce the area and weight of the PCB for its small size and light.
2, Operating ambient temperature: -55 to +125.
3, High credibility:the thick metal film resistor body is added with glass
protective layer and three layers of electrode composition.
4, The appearance dimension is symmetrical and accurate for easy assembly.
5, Resistance tolerance: 10.1%, 10.25%, 10.5%

Performance Test:
Test Item Test Condition Performance
Temperature coefficient 0.1%:15ppm/, 150ppm/ 0.25%,0.55%:125ppm/, 150ppm/
Short time overload R<=1(1%R0+0.05R)
Pulse overload R<=1(1% R0+0.05R)
Terminal strength(pull) R<=1(1% R0+0.05R)
Resistance to soldering heat R<=1(1% R0+0.05R)
Solerability The soldering area is over 95%
Temperature cycling R<=1(0.5% R0+0.05R)
Load life in humidity R<=1(1%+0.1R)
Load life in heat R<=1(1%+0.1R)

Product Name: High Precision Chip Resistors(PRM)
Size: 0402=1005 0603=1608 0805=2012 1206=3216 1210=3225 2010=50251 2512=6432
Power: 16=1/16w 10=1/10w 18=1/8w 13=1/3w 14=1/4w 12=1/2w 34=3/4w 1B=1W 2B=2W
Tol. B=10.1% C=10.25% D=0.5%
T. C. R. A=15PPM B=110PPM C=115PPM D=120PPM E=125PPM F=15PPM
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Pak Heng
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