Sell Retaining Adhesives TS600 Series

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Tightsen retaining adhesives can used for no threaded cylindrical metal assemblies, can increase the shear strength of press fits and slip fits.

Press fit, oil tolerant
High strength. sealing & retaining cylindrical assemblies.
Gaps fill up to 0.13mm.
Fixtures in 10 minutes, prevents fretting and corrosion of metal assemblies.

Press fit, low viscosity
High strength, for retaining rigid metal parts.
Gaps fill up to 0.13mm.
Suitable for diverse metal parts.

Slip fit , high temperature
High viscosity, high strength, liquid retaining.
Gaps fill up to 0.3mm .
Withstands temperatures up to 2300.
Prevents fretting and corrosion of metal assemblies.

Slip fit, high strength, Fast curing.
Used for high dynamic force or cyclie loading , retains cylindrical assemblies up to 0.25mm diametral.

Press/slip fit , easy to disassemble
For bonding cylindrical parts where disassembly is required.
Gaps fill up to 0.25mm, fixtures in 10~30 minutes.

Press fit, high strength & fast curing
Withstands temperatures up to 1750.
Gaps fill up to 0.15mm, fixtures in 5 minutes.
Typical applications include holding gears onto gearbox and rotors on motor shafts.

Press fit repair
Fast curing, high strength, high viscosity.
For refitting worn shafts, housing covers, key and keyways bearings and sleeves, housing couplings, keyways etc
Gaps fill up to 0.5mm.
Slip fit, high strength
For retaining cylindrical axle and bushing, wheel bearing; or for refitting worn shafts, housing and keyway etc
Gaps fill up to 0.25mm. Fixture in 10 minutes.