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Returnstar Recovery Card is a powerful and fast recovery tool that makes your system absolutely indestructible. Returnstar Recovery Card can be widely used in minor enterprise families, schools, corporations, cyber cafes, and demos or testing platform. With Returnstar Recovery Card, you will never worry about system crash, data loss, virus damage and other kinds of problems and accidents. Your computer can run in perfect condition all the time.

System Requirement
1 free PCI slot (for Recovery Card and Recovery Card Standard)
1 free USB port (for USB Recovery Card) , so USB Recovery card is especially suitable for Laptop.
If neither of them you have, we suggest Recovery Smart for your choice.
Recovery System V12.5 or above supports Windows XP/2003/Vista . If you are Windows 9X/2000 user, please use Recovery System V12.0.

Support all motherboard , without compatibility problem.

Supported File Systems
Recovery System supports FAT32 and NTFS formats, and supports up to 15 partitions.

Supported Hard Disks
Recovery System supports IDE, EIDE, and SATA hard disks with capacity up to 512GB

Express installation
Computer fails to boot at a critical moment. New types of virus always spread fast System becomes unstable and often crashes. Unwanted software is installed on your computer. Data are accidentally or maliciously tampered.

Instant Recovery
No matters what changes have been made to the computer, all data in the protected partition will be recovered within 3 seconds after simply restarting the computer.
Virus Protection
If the computer is invaded by any kind of virus, once recovery is being performed, all viruses will disappear.

Updated Data Saving
You can save the updated data in the protected partition anytime if you want to update your system or modify some files.

Various Recovery Modes
Recovery System provides various recovery modes to meet various requirements, including Scheduled Recovery Mode, Manual Recovery Mode, and Non Recovery Mode.

Friendly user interface
Recovery System has a friendly user interface. You can perform all its functions by simply pressing a few keys on your keyboard or moving your mouse.

Lock HD after unplugging the card
If the Recovery Card is maliciously removed from your computer, your hard disk will be locked. This function prevents others from destroying the data on your hard disk by removing the card when you are absent.

Compulsory hard disk boot
Recovery Card can force PC to boot from hard disk only. This function prevents malicious data tampering by booting from other device, such as CD-ROM, floppy driver, USB flash disk, etc.
Secure password protection
Without password, no one can modify the parameter of Recovery System, or uninstall the Recovery System. You can open your computer to general users with total peace of mind.

Configurable Protection Range
You can configure which partitions should be protected, allowing more flexible protection.

Retain your personal habit
Recovery System can be configured to allow users to retain personal data, settings, and favorites, while keeping the operating system partition in protection.

Performance Monitoring
You can check the current recovery mode and buffer usage under OS.

Convenient parameter setting
You can set parameters of the Recovery System directly under the operating system.

Easy Uninstallation
You can safely uninstalling Recovery System. The hard disk will return to the status of the most recent data save.

Minimum Hard Disk Space for Installation
Recovery Card requires only 0.05% of hard disk space for installation, which is significantly better than reserving 200MB for recovery system of Windows and 10-20% of other recovery hardware/software tools.