Sell Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Products

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Same as instant cold compress when use as cold pack.
Same as instant hot compress when use as hot pack.

Usage: Reusable hot/cold compress are poly/nylon bags filled with a non-toxic gel. To heat, microwave or boil by following instructions on back of the compress. To obtain cold therapy, freeze for at least one hour. It can reach high of 140F and low of 8F, and maintains therapy for approximately 30 minutes.

Can either be used for cold or hot therapy.
Reusable. Can be repeatedly used for hot or cold.
Remains soft and pliable after freezing
Cleans easily with soap and water

Item Number Description Net Weight(Gross) Packaging
GEL3057 5X7 110g(114g) 100pcs/ctn
GEL3069 6X9 200g(206g) 50pcs/ctn
Supply Capacity
10000pcs Per Day