Sell Reverse Osmosis Water Filter / Purifier (QQ203XX)

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QQ203XX is one of the best reverse osmosis water purification system on the market today. It eliminates more than 98% of dissoved solids and contaminants from water including nitrates, arsenic, mercury, lead, chlorine, radionuclides, organic and many other chemicals. Fully assembled for installation under the counter or sink. All filters are included. The equipment produces up to 35/130 gallon per day of drinking water. System is to be used with municipal or well water sources. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality. This water filtration system has 5-stage filtration technology.

1st stage cartridge: 5-micron sediment filter, removes dirt, suspended particulates and rust.

2nd stage cartridge: 10-micron granular active cabon filter, takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It removes dirt, odors and color.

3rd stage cartridge: 10-miron carbon block filter, removes residul chlorine and VOCs.

4th stage cartridge: membrane. Thin film composite membrane eliminates up to 99.9% dissolved solids, bacteria and viruses.

5th stage cartridge: 10-micron inline carbon filter, provides final polishing of processed water leaving the storage tank.