Sell Reverse ester tin Thermostab 207

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Reverse ester tin Thermostab 207 is high efficiency heat stabilizer. After many years of technical research and development, the company successfully create the light smell reverse ester with brilliant lubricity to replace normal methyl tin mercaptide anion. It provides excellent early color hold and terrific processability. It shows superior performance in PVC profile, broad, pipe, concuit, wood-plastic composite, shoe sole and some other material processes.

Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Clear Oily Liquid, Yellow
Color (Pt-Co) <=200
Viscosity (25: C, Cps) 60
Specific Gravity (20: C) 1.050
Sulfur content (%) 9.6
Tin content (%) >= 9.0

Standard Packaging
 220 kg plastic drum
 Non-returnable plastic tote.

Product Benefits
 Excellent early color hold and outstanding dynamic long-term stability
 Uniquely formulated for optimum cost-performance.
 Recommended for siding and fencing substrate and other co-extruded substrate formulations
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200MT per month
Model Number
Thermostab 207