Sell Rice Mill 6NF-9

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1. Horizontal Iron Roller
2. Power: 7.5KW or S195 diesel engine
3. Capacity: 700-1000kgs/hour

6NF-9 Model rice mill is the separating type iron roller rice mill which is mainly used for husking and polishing paddy into polished rice with high purity, and automatically separating the polished rice from fine bran, broken rice and unmilled paddy by rice-bran separating mechanism without using any winnoer or sieve. The coarse bran can be remilled automatically and turned into fine bran which maybe used as refined feed.

This machine has the features of compact structure, convenient and reliable operation, easy installation, fine performance, etc. A dust collector is provided to collect bran and eliminate pollution of the environment. It is one of the rice processing machines which is used widely in the countryside or towns.