Sell Rice. CV Element Whitening and Pock-removing Face Mask

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Rice. CV Element Whitening and Pock-removing Face Mask:inflammation diminishing and pock removing:Quickly absorb water of the pocks and redundant facial oil, effectively diminish inflammation, and prevent from the growth of pock.
Deeply pock-removing:Invigorote the clrculation of blood, absorb clots, dredge mlcrocirculation, as well as remove a variefy of dermal pocks (dark and light spots, fleck, chioasmo) . tuming your coorse skin into white and fender with rich flexbillty and luster Florid:Keep your skin white and tender all day long, fully interpreting the secret of florid skin. Removing yellowish and whitening:Imptrove the transprency, whiteness, and luster of your skin, make the corium, epidermis and subcutaneous tissue ofyour skin white , transparent and clean.
Ingredients:Extracting from the origial rice water element, Rice. CV essence, rice albumin, naturalvegetable essence etc.
Effects:If can deep cleansing the pores underneath the skin and balance the lipin secretion of the skin, restrain and lighten the melanin, accelerate the
blood circulation, revive the cells and delay caducity. If has multifunctions such as moistening, anti-speckle, speckle removing, speckle dissolving efc.
After a long time of use, if can make the skin soft, smooth, bright and radiant. it is the most update whitening beauty mask
Usage:Wash your face with water(pleace put the mask with bag into warm water for two minutes to avoid coldin winter) , Apply the mask tightly on
the face pat gently to let it be touch more tightly. peel the mask off after 15 20mins. Certainly, youcan last the process for longer time according to yourseif. Desert it after used, wipe the liquid on the face with wet towel. use everyday for better effect.
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