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Application of Ring Hammer Crusher :
This series of ring-hammer crushers is suitable for crushing various materials of brittleness such as coal, gangue, coke, slay, shale and loose lime stone etc. Whose compressive resistance does not exceed 10Mpa and the surface moisture content should not be greater than 8%.

Ring Hammer Crusher Series Working Principle :
This series of machine is a punching rotor type crushing machine with ring-hammer on the rotor. First the material fed to the crushing space is crashed by punching force of the ring-hammer rotating at high speed. mean while the material crushed gets kinetic energy from the ring-hammer and is punched forward the crushing board, then it gets punched the second time and fall to the sieve plate. The material is cut, squeezed and crushed into pieces by the force of ring-hammer and their own rubbing and get out of the machine will be sent to the metal collector and get cleared off periodically.

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