Sell Rivets!

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1) Washer:GB, DIN, BS, ANSI/ASME, JIS, UNI, NFE, AS, ISO Standand.
2) Screw:Chipboard Screw, Drywall Screw, Wafer Head Drywall Screw, Machine Screw, Wood Screws and self-tapping& self-drilling screw.
3) Hexagonal wrench.

Head Bolts, Screws, Hex Socket cap Cheese Head Screws, Nuts, Washers, Rivets, etc. Fasteners especially large in size or long in length, non-standard or made of special materials can be provided.
The specifications of products are as follows:
Standard:ISO, DIN, BS, ANSE/ASME, JIS, GB etc;
Strength grade;4.6,4.8,6.8,8.8,10.9, etc.