Sell RoHS Smoke Detector/Alarm

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Photoelectric technology is generally more sensitive than ionization technology at detecting large particles, which tend to be produced in greater amounts by smoldering fires, which may smolder for hours before bursting into flame. Sources of these fires may include cigarettes.

The unit monitors the air, and when smoke reaches its sensing chamber, it alarms. It can give you more time to escape before fire spreads. This unit can only give an early warning of developing fires if it is installed, maintained and located where smoke can reach it, and where all residents can hear it, as described in this manual. This unit will not sense gas, heat, or flame. It cannot prevent or extinguish fires.

The alarm shall include a test button that will electronically simulate the presence of smoke and cause the unit to go into alarm. This sequence tests the units electronics, battery and horn to ensure proper operation.
The unit shall include a piezoelectric horn that is rated at 85 decibels at 10 feet. In a smoke incident, the horn will sound in the repetitive mannerthree beeps , a pause, three beeps , a pause .

The unit shall also include a low battery warning utilizing a brief alarm chirp every 30-40 seconds for a minimum of seven days.

The alarm will utilize a red LED that shall flash once every 30-40 seconds to indicate the alarm is receiving power.

Technical specifications:
1) Alarm Dimensions: dia. , 140mm ht.41mm
2) Net Weight: 160 g
3) Working Current :
a) Static Current:<=12uA
b) Alarm Current: <=15mA
4) Operating Voltage: DC9V
5) Audio Alarm : 85 Db at 10 feet.
6) Temp Range :14F( -10C) to147F( 60C)
7) Humidity Range: <95%RH(40+/-2C)
8) Battery : 9V battery back-up for at least 1 year.
9) Protection area : 6 m high , 60 m2.
CE approval
RoHS approval
Supply Capacity
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