Sell Road Block Series (LZJ-A5/10 Road Barrier)

Road Block Series (LZJ-A5/10 Road Barrier) You May Also Be Interested In: alloy bar intercept road barrier stainless steel tubes steel rivet
1. Easy to move.
2. Packing: Aluminum or Iron box.
3. Tire pressure can separate nail from strip
4. Length: 3, 5, 7or 10m.
5. Spike material: Zinc-alloy triangular arris thorn or stainless steel tubes.
6. Pedestal material: PA and PE or aluminum-alloy.
7. LZJ-3, 3m(available length) with 65 spikes; LZJ-5, 5m(available length) with 115 spikes; LZJ-7, 7m(available length) with 165 spikes.

The product is composed of aluminum-alloy active pedestal and horniness triangular arris thorn. The aluminum-alloy bar joins with steel rivet and makes as active base, easy for expanding and folding. There are blowholes in the center of triangular thorn, which conncets with vent hole on the arris. When the thornstab into a tyre, the air will be easily recased through the blowholes.

When a vehicle run into a road block, the thorn will stab into the tire and will be separated from the road block, and instert deeper and deeper while the vehicle going on, then the tire airpressure lost soon. In generally, the airpressure will be exhausted in 30 seconds and then intercept the vehicle efficiently.
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