Sell Robot Lawn Mower

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Fully-automatic grass mowing with two models: go straight and circle(Highly efficient)
Envelop the mow area with virtual wire connecting to the charging station. The mower will work in this assigned area.
When the mower runs out of power, the blade will stop working, find the virtual wire and go to the charging station to recharge itself. it will go back to work when the battery is full.
The mow can change direction automatically when it meets obstacles.
Infrared ray can helps reducing the speed before the mower connecting to the charging station.
When the mower is damped by rain, it will go to the charging station automatically.
The blades will stop working if the mower has been lifted by someone.
The mower can estimate whether the circuit is overload and stop working to protect the inside circuit from overload.
Humanistic adjustment for glass mowing height. (3cm and 4cm)
With remote control function for easy operation.