Sell Robot Vacuum cleaner

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Technical parameters:
Voltage 14.4V Power 25W
Noise 70dB Net weight 2.1KG
Size of external box 370*345*150mm Gross weight 3KG
Initial charging time 11 hours Battery life 500 times
Capacity of dust box 0.14 liter Normal charging time 8 hours
Rotational speed of leaf 15000R/min Vacuity 1Kpa
Area of screen 5500 square mm Single running time 35 minutes
Air flow 5 liters/second
Function and features:
1. With round-disk model, it is fashionable and dedicate, light and smart, comfortable and safe.
2. With auto navigation and intelligence function, rooms can be cleaned automatically by pressing the button.
3. It has low noise with only 70 decibel, far below that of ordinary vacuum cleaners.
4. With noise-free dust box and strong absorbing ability, it can easily clean all impurities on the floor.
5. With super thin machine, it can easily clean each corner of the room, under tables, furniture and sofas.
6. Flexible bumper is designed in the front, which can automatically avoid obstacles and return.
7. It pumps conveniently with external dust box. And static screen can be used repeatedly.
8. The wheel applies soft rubber tyer, which will not damage floor destroy carpet.
9. Safe and energy-saving: working voltage: 14.4V, power: 25W. The old and children can operate safely.
10. It saves electricity and energy and used conveniently.
11. Quality guarantee: products pass CE certification and conform to European and American standards.