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According to driving method, Robot type can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric robot; according to the scope of application, it can be divided into specific and general robot manipulator; according to trajectory control method, it can be divided into point-to-point control and continuous trajectory control robot.
Robot mainly has three major components: the hand, the moving parts and the control system. The task of hand is holding the workpiece (or tool) components, according to the shape, size, weight, material and operational requirements of the grasping objects by, the hand can be a variety of structural forms: such as clamping type, holding type and adsorption-based type.
The moving parts play such role that making the hand can change the location of objects by grasping and posture by realizing the requiring movements, such as rotation, swing and the mobile or compound movements.
Robot can own great flexibility, wide application, high efficiency and saving cost.
1. Hard-arm robot:
Hard-arm robot has the whole trip "floating" feature same as the soft-cable type and the pneumatic type, the difference is that in case of the torque generated, it can not use soft-cable type and the pneumatic type, it only can be selected hard-arm robot. For example, the objects center of gravity is away from the arm hanging points; the objects need to be flipped or tilted; there are limited circumstances in plant height; in these cases, you should use the hard-arm robot.
The hard-arm robot also equipped with a gas tank for in case of out of gas. It still can be used one more loop, and at the same time, make alarm to remind the operator. The system will be self-locked by itself to prevent object falling down when the pressure drops to a certain extent. It also equipped with security systems, the operator can not release the objects in the course of the removing procedure or the object is not placed in a safe surface.
With non-standard fixtures, hard-arm robot can be achieved booster lifting a variety of workpiece shapes. It can be installed in the form of the ground fixed, suspension fixed or moving with the slide way.
2. Soft-cable robot:
Soft-cable robots function is similar with the pneumatic robot type. It also has the whole trip "floating" feature. The difference is that the soft-cable robot can be operated more flexible and faster because it own the double-joint robot arm to achieve the level of displacement. But it enhances the smaller displacement comparing to the pnematic robot type. The soft-cable robot is more suitable for moving the object with light weight and fast moving occasion.
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