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Amazing natural beauty with tremendous health benefits and that too scientifically proven. A precious gift directly from nature for the well being of human beings.

A very effective weapon to combat the electric smog being generated in every home , every day , every moment by electrical applainces used in each home. Not very many people know harmful effect of positive ions generated by these applainces like tv , computers, microwave oven, cacuum cleaner, washing machines and such applaince run by electricity. These deadly ions pollute the air we breath. The only way to fight these ions is "glow the rock salt crystal lamps.

Rock salt crystal lamps are quite helpfull in curing many diseases like Asthma and other respiratory diseases. for detail please visit our website.

Rock salt crystal lamps are known Natural ionizer. these produce vitamin of the air means negative ions. . . . how ?please visit our website.

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Its a mission, Its a service to huminity, its a compaign to make this planet pollution free and safe for us for our kids and for generation to come.

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Let, s glow rock salt crystal lamps in every nook and corner of this planet , , , its a sacred mission. . . its a service. . . . . . its a business
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