Sell Rock drilling tools, DTH hammer and bits

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Our products includes:
1, DTh hammer and bits:
we are the manufacturer of most complete models of DTH hammer and bits in China. It includes:
a) High pressure DTH hammer
1) 3.5" hammer, shank : DHD3.5
2) 4" hammer, IR DHD340A / SD4 / COP44 / QL40 shank
3) 5" hammer, IR DHD350R / SD5 / COP54 shank
4) 6" hammer, IR DHD360R / SD6 / COP64 / QL60 shank
5) 8" hammer, IR DHD380 / SD8 / COP84 /QL80 shank
6)10" & 12" hammer, SD10/SD12 shank
b) Low pressure DTH hammer
BR1, BR2, BR3, J60, J80, J100, etc
c) also can produce the DTH bits suitable for above DTH hammer and BR3, SD12 shank DTH hammer. The biggest size we have exported is 380mm for SD12.

2, Thread and tapered button bits, cross bits and chisel bits,
R25, R28, R32, R38, R45, R51 and T60, T66 thread, etc

3, Self-drilling grouting bolt
R25, R28, R32, R51, etc,

4, Pnematic rock drill
Y18, Y24, Y26, YT24, YT27, YT28, etc

5, Diamond core bits
All size diamond core bits
NQ, HQ, BQ core barrel, etc