Sell Rocker Recliner Mechanism with Swivel Base

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1. Stylized ottoman
Wide heavy gauge links
2. Geometrically balanced
Geometry used to balance chair operation
3. Hand/lever activated &Gravity operated
Hand/lever used for release only
4. Direct drive with double locks
Direct drive with double over-center-locks
5. Minimum stackup
Flatter links supporting chiar
Wider base mounting points
6. Four pont blocking system
Positive glide block inopen position
7. Extened life rivet joins
All rivet joints have either acetal or Bronze bushing
8. Good painting operation
9. . Kd sleeve design
10. Ball bearing glide joints
Greased full race ball bearing glide joints
1. Profile shape designed for safety and appearance without pinch point.
2. Occupant`s weight used to balance operation instead of springs. Therefore, the opening, closing, ottoman firmness, and back balance while reclining vary with the weight of the occupant making the operationconsistent from one person to the next. Springs are used for locking and the initial start of the opening.
3. Occupants weight opens chair, handle/lever only unlocks mechanism. Slight footrest pressure closes ottoman. .
4. Square drive tube connects to and controls both left and right sides. Ottoman is locked closed on both sides.
5. Improved weight capacity and durability.
6. Acetal spacers to eliminate any steel-to-steel contact. No metal-to-metal noises when links contact stopping.
7. Strength the quantity and paste of the paint on the mechanism to prevent getting rusty.
8. Easy packaging and installation.
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