Sell Rogers 500g Low Sugar Yeast

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Rogers dry yeast sources from nature fucose. Its a environmental product. The dry yeast has two kinds: Low sugar yeast and high sugar yeast.
The Roger low sugar dry yeast fermentation power is 1000ml-1200ml/h. High sugar dry yeast fermentation power is 1400ml-1700ml.
This yeast is obtained from a dehydrated compressed yeast. It takes the form of small powder packed in 500 g vacuumed sachets or packed in weighing 20 kg and more. The vacuum-packed sachets guarantee the product's stability at ambient temperature, up to the date shown on the packaging.

Ingredients:Natural Yeast, emulsifier, vitamins
Spec. Graininess
Direction for use: Directly mix with flour in the percentage of 0.5%-0.8% and stir with other ingredients.
Warning: Never mix with water directly before mixing with flour.
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of packed
Store guide: Store in a cool and dry place
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