Sell Rogers low sugar yeast

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* Activity along the high speed of fermentation, the use of less
* fermentation ability, good expansion into the furnace
* resistant sugar, salt, oily strong
* manufactures unique flavor in color

Use :
Stir in yeast and flour mixture before the first, then mixing in other raw materials.

The dosage of the leaven is decided by the quantity, the manufacture species of the face powder and the craft request of the creations.
◇ Themanufacture bread dosage is usually 0.8%1.2% of - of the face powder weight,
◇ The manufacture plain wheat roll is 0.3%0.8% of - .
◇ Or can by oneself regulate according to the formulation and crafts.

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The low sugar leaven is applicable to contain the amount of sugar small in 8% pasta.

Vacuum-packed, a two years protect the quality period