Sell Rogers wine yeast

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Romania's license Java wine selection of high quality wine yeast is active dry yeast used to import advanced equipment, from the unique production process. Angel understanding and the proper use of highly active dry yeast in wine distillery is to improve quality, reduce costs and increase an effective way.

Mr Jardine's wine active dry yeast

Brewing : Wine and other wine suitable for a variety of purposes

Product characteristics :

The 7 bears the sulphur dioxide, ability under the condition of 80-120 ppm quick growth, breed, ferment the general SO2 usage quantity in the 50-60 PPmSO2s
The 7 bears the alcohol,12%( v/ v) is above
The 7 bears the low temperature, applying the temperature scope wide. Have in the grape juice of 18-28 0s prosperous, hold out for long time of ferment the dint
The 7 ferments the dint strong
The 7 gathers sex good
The in keeping with fruit wine of 7 make by fermentation

Use the way:

1. reply the water to activate: Join 1,000 grams of stem leavens 20 rise 38 0s to contain 5% sugar water( also can adopt the juice) of sugar, mix blend the deliquescence.15-30 cool off to 28-30 0s and can immediately use after minutes.
2. inoculate the dosage:Join directly the leaven activate behind in the juice, inoculate 0.03-0.05% that measures for the juice. ( make by fermentation the juice at 200 rise following the suggestion inoculates to measure to 0.1%)


Hoard:Vacuum-packed, a two years protect the quality period