Sell Room Temperature Wet Chemical Growth (RTWCG) Silicon Oxide on Silicon Substrate

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Applications of RTWCG:Optoelectronics, e. g. (i) high efficiency, low-cost Si solar cells, (ii) integrated optics (waveguides, optical modulators, and integrated optical components such as: prisms, and lenses)
Thin film transistors (TFTs) for low-cost Flat Panel Display (FPDs) , e. g. : (i) surface passivation, (ii) gate oxide, and interlevel dielectrics (IDL) .
Microelectronics, e. g. : (i) surface passivation, (ii) first oxide, (iii) field oxide, (iv) sidewall spacers, and (v) bottom antireflection coating (BARC) for deep UV lithography.

Solar Cells RTWCG Based Technology; first product developed by SPECMAT.
Owing to its simplicity, the capital equipment and manufacturing costs are as low or lower than that of low efficiency cells. Yet due to: (i) a good surface passivation, (ii) the lowest reflective losses of all other competitive antireflection coatings (ARCs) , (iii) the oxide texturing, and especially (iv) due to the formation of an excellent quality selective emitter during the RTWCG SiOX ARC growth, the efficiency of c-Si cells is expected to be 21%, and 18% for the mc-Si cells.

Market Penetration: We are comfortable the acquisition of a large portion the solar cell market is possible because:
the process increases efficiency by up to 50% as compared to standard technologies;
it has low capital, and operation costs;
it reduces the number of processing steps.

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