Sell Roots Blowers (Superchargers/Super Chargers)

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We would like to introduce ourselves to you, we are the largest manufacturer of Roots blower in China with more than 30 years of history besides Roots type blower/vacuum pump, we also produce regenerative blower(side channel blower) , centrifugal blower, pneumatic conveying systems, and cement-producing equipments. With the market share of 46% of Roots blower in China, our turn over last year is USD30, 000,000. Our products also have been exported to tens of countries including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India, and U. A. E, Bangladesh. Iran, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, Ecuador etc.
We have RR Series, L series, 3H Series, SSR Series, ZR Series, ZMH/R Series, ZXF Series, and C series Blowers.

RR Series Roots Blowers/Vacuum Pumps: high pressure, large capacity, various mechanical seals and stainless steel materials are available; its technology is
transferred from Japan.
Capacity: 0.5~500M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 98Kpa (one stage) , 196Kpa for two-stage
Vacuum: -80Kpa

Series ZMR & Series ZMH Compact Roots Blower
Capacity: 0.45~59.1M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 9.8~98 kPa

3H Series Roots type blower: high pressure, low noise. 3-lobe
Capacity: 4.16~92.3M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 9.8~98 kPa

SSR Series Roots type blower: low noise,
compact structure.
Capacity: 0.78~59.2 M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 9.8~58.8 kPa

L Series Roots type blower: Large capacity, especially low price and reliable quality. An advisory choice if you do not want to spend much money on blowers.
Capacity: 0.6~711M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 9.8~68.6 kPa.

ZR Series Roots blower
Capacity: 379-1088m3/min.
Pressure Rise: 9.8~88.2 kPa

ZXF Series Regenerative Blower/vacuum pump:
Capacity: 2~20M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 4~40 kPa

C series Centrifugal Blower:
Capacity: 40~400M3/min.
Pressure Rise: 19.6~68.6 kPa