Sell Rose Cosmetology Scented Soap

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Features of Cylindrical Scented Soap
1. Easy to hold and use
Traditional soap is very slippery. This new product is easy to hold as it is in a cylindrical shape and has its own holding case. When using it, our hands dont touch the soap only the case. This reduces the slipperiness and if the soap falls by accident the contamination of the soap is greatly reduced.

2. Bacteria infection reduced.
Many people using the same bar of soap can increse the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Children especially have difficulty resisting diseases. This new soap will reduce the chances of spreading diseases and improve the health of our children.

3. Easy to carry
This patented product is set in a special conveniently made case. We only open the lid when we use it. We can use it to wash our face and hands while traveling, on business or going about our daily routines. It is not only beautiful but also practical. Using it before and after a meal or after using the washroom, is hygienic and reduces the chances of infection.
4. Save natural resources, reduces pollution
Only 1/6th of the bar of soap is left when you are finished using it. This will reduce the materials needed to make this product and leaves less garbage.
This patent scented soap is made of (imported) soap base according to a scientific formula and is of high quality. The case is strong and durable. The exterior is not only stylish and beautiful but also practical. People will have a new impression when using this soap.
Contents: olive oil, palm oil, pure water, tri-color acid, glycerol, extract of edible rose petals.
Function: This product is made from botanically essencial oil with high purity, also joined rose petals extract. The roses have the function of drainage and cosmetology. So it will arrive the effect of draining toxin, making the skin rosy, moistened and soft. It is rich in moisture contents and applys to a wide range of ages.
Brand Name
The Great Flying Heart
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