Sell Rose Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology:Improve attention and will power, smooth restlessness and tension.

2, Physical:Treatment of dysmenorrhosea.

3, Skin:Anti-aging, smooth wrinkles, Efficiency for eczema, pustules, acne, dermatomyositis, regulate sunburn, scald.


1, Skin: Apply a droplet into water or lotion every morning for anti-aging.

2, Physical:Apply 4 droplets into hotwater, hot pack at venter for half an hour for smoothing dysmenorrhosea.

3, Perfume:Mix 2-3 droplets in 10 ml of distilled water to make your favourite perfume.


You can create whatever atmosphere you want in your home or work place by using candle burners or light bulb rings.
Rosemary, for example, helps mental concentration (good for exams) , while Bergamot is uplifting and Lavender is relaxing. See order form for details of products available.