Sell Rose salt  - refinement, rock salt.

Rose salt  - refinement, rock salt. You May Also Be Interested In: andes mountain calcium potassium rock salt rose salt volcanic lava
Rose salt - refinement, rock salt.
Bolivian Rose salt is hand harvested from the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. Ancient sea salt deposits were covered with volcanic lava creating this high mineral salt and protecting it from pollution. The rose salt is refined from the rock salt what produce in south Bolivia.
Special point is not only beautiful as ruby, but also the taste is rich and well hermonized meets, fishes and vegetables. Whats more, the ruby salt include much iron. Therefore it is good for anemia.

Rose salt
Iron 3.3mg/100g
Calcium 700mg/100g
Sodium 38.4g/100g
Potassium 646mg/100g
Magnesium 208mg/100g
Chlorine 57.1g/100g

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Less than 1 MM
From 1 to 3 MM
From 3 to 5 MM

In boxes or bags 20 Kgs. . --1000 boxes or bags in conteiner 20'
FOB Arica - Chile
Minimum order: 1 Conteiner 20'
Payment conditions: 50% Deposit by T/T before produce, 50% Ballance by T/T After received copy of B/L. or L/C confirmed, irrevocable at sign.
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Salt Use
Consumer Tips for Salt Use
Besides making foods delicious, it's believed there are more than 14,000 uses of salt, and our grandmothers were probably
familiar with most of them. Many of these uses were for simple things around the home before the advent of modern chemicals and cleaners. However, many uses are still valid today and a lot cheaper than using more sophisticated products.

No additive is put in.
A use is various.
Rose Salt. For example. . . .
Iron and calcium potassium magnesium are included
The Cooking of the deep taste is challenged by mild Rose Salt
In a bath, please melt in hot water, attach to skin and experiment
An anion is also generated