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Rosemary Hydrosol is the water produced with the rosemary essential oil of the rosemary leaves during the hydro-distillation process. It contians about 0.03% rosemary essential oil and the natural anti-oxidant phenolic, tannins, proteins, plant sugars and other water-soluble components.
Cosmetic Uses: It is good for all skin types, particularly oily skin, and hair care products . It has been used as a great addition to any line of cosmetics. It can also be used as part of the water phase in formulations or diluted for use in a spray for skin or hair.
Effects On The Psyche:it can help against depression and general weakness.
Is a mental stimulant that will help give energy
cheerfulness and optimism
Therapeutic Uses:
digestive, carminative
lack of appetite
memory loss
prevents dandruff
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