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Rosemary Leaves (Rosemarinus officinalis) anciently had a reputation of strengthening the memory. At weddings it was dipped in scented water and worn by the bride. Rosemary Leaves was also used as incense at religious ceremonies. Today it is used in lotions, hair products, teas and as a seasoning in food dishes. Rosemary Leaves was believed to bring clarity of thought.

rosemary leaves Respected as a holy, magical and healing plant, one legend maintains the original flowers of rosemary leaves turned from white to blue when the Virgin Mary spread the Christ-Child's linen, or her own cloak, to dry on a rosemary bush. (Actually the flowers vary in colour, blue, pink or white, depending on the species and variety) . In some areas it's said to bloom at midnight on Old Christmas Eve, 17th January, (though usually later on, in the spring) . Another gardening anecdote relates it growing well not only for the righteous but for a woman who rules her husband and household. To stop gossip, some husbands removed the root so the bush died! Greek scholars, sitting exams, wore garlands of rosemary, believing it helped mental concentration by improving blood flow to the brain. Since the thirteenth/fourteenth centuries, rosemary has been known worldwide as 'Queen of Hungary', after the Hungarian Queen was certain her paralysis (maybe gout or rheumatism) had been cured by 'Hungary water'. This was probably produced by macerating rosemary flowers and flowering tips for a month in alcohol, then straining through fine muslin and taken medicinally in 1tsp doses.

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