Sell Rosewood Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.

1, Psychology:Calm central nevous system to help improve mood, exhilarate spirits.

2, Physical:Relief pian, anti-bacterial, expel bad smell, tonic, aphrodisiac.

3, Skin:Effectively stimulate cell and generate, recover wounds, improve dry and inflamed skin, anti-wrinkle, delay aging.


1, Skin: Apply a droplet into lotion for anti-aging.

2, Green Shower: Mix 3 droplets with 10 ml warm water, spray onto furniture.

3, Carnal Desires:Apply 5 droplets into bathtub.

Children and babies can benefit greatly by using pure essential oils and floral waters. When using essential oils to massage children, or in their baths, it is always important to dilute them in a blended base oil, or vegetable oil first.
Use lower dilution: for children 2-3 drops, for babies 1-2 drops of essential oil per 20ml of base oil. Floral waters are a very good alternative to essential oils to use with children and babies, since they are already diluted and no cautions are needed. Floral waters have similar effects to essential oils but are more gentle.