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We are promoting Rosin Glycerin Ester for which we have very competitive prices.

Specifications: Softening Point (C) : 86-90; Acid Value (mgKOH/g) : 5.0-7.0; Color (APHA) (<) : 7; Pb: 2ppm max; As: 0.0002 ppm max, Ash (%) : 0.1; Specific Gravity (25C) : 1.080-1.090
Packing: 40kg PP bag with PE inner bag
Loading: 12MT (with pallets)
Applications: The Rosin Glycerol Ester has mostly 3 applications in the food industry:
- In gum base (like chewing gum) , it is used as a tackifier. It makes the product smooth and chewy.
- In beverages (like fruit juices) , it is used to improve the distribution of pulp in the juice and the stability of added proteins
- In emulsion flavors, it is used as an emulsifying agent. Furthermore it is stable in different ranges of PH values

The product is made from refined Gum Rosin and pharmaceutical Glycerin through esterification firmly according to American FCC Standard, this product has slightly yellow gloss and good transparency.
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