Sell Rotary-Arm Pallet Wrapper (ER300)

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Rotary-arm wrapper is the ideal solution for wrapping stretch film around heavey or unstable loads. This machine keeps the load can be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotate the load to apply the film.

Technology Data:
Max load size(mm) : 1200 (L) *1300(W) *200(H)
Packing efficiency: 20-40 loads / hour
Arm speed: 3-15rpm
Machine weight: 680kg (Not include bracket)
Power supply: 1.3KW 220V 50Hz 1Phase
Max load capacity: Floor capacity

Control Panel:
Parameter setting: Top / Bottom/ Up-down wrap times 1-7 separately adjustable, Over-wrap timer, Reinforce 1-9 wraps
Manual Buttons: Carriage up, Carriage down, Arm Jog
Adjustable Speed: Film tension, Carriage Up speed, Down speed, Arm speed
Separately E/S button, Start/Pause button, Reset button, Main switch

Photo-eye pallet height sensor
Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location
Over-wrap provide more wrap over the top of loads
Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 200% (Option: 100-250%)
Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor & Separate inverter
Film dancer-bar control film output
Rotating Power slip ring provide power required for carriage drive on rotary arm.
Flash light for machine in operation
Rotary arm stop by safety bumper and reflection photoeye sensing any obstacle in the roating area.
Arm slew bearing drive

Option: Packing height: 2400mm
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