Sell Rotary Drum Dryer

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WSG-Series Rotary Dryer is special designed to dry the wood material which combines the function of drying and cooling, so it can save 30-50% energy.

During the Drying Process, the best moisture content to palletize is about 13-15%, the function of the Rotary Dryer is to make the crushed pieces with suitable moisture.

The Rotary Dryer is made up of Stove and Main Rotary Body, which can realize to reduce the moisture from 60%-10%. The Stove is fueled by coal, which can save electricity consumption largely.

Model Evaporation Power(Kw) Consumption
Capacity (kg/h) electricity(Kw)
WSG-250 250 18 15
WSG-500 500 27 20
WSG-1000 1000 40 30
WSG-2000 2000 56 50
WSG-3000 3000 75 65