Sell Rotary Finishing Machines

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Rotary Finishing Machines are used for polishing small sizes componets, standardized parts and components, and all kinds of componets which are made of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and nonmetal. It can improve the surface quality of the componets efficiently, and can be widely applied to polish a large quantity of spare parts. This type of machines have a simple but strong structure, safe for use. It is also equipped with a timer, so that one can operate several machines at one time.

Product Feature
Equipped with reduction device for smooth running.

Inverter variable speed control for more processing options.

Hot poured, high wear-resistant polyurethane lined barrel has longer working life.

The barrel jog button make the barrel to be positioned propely.

Model Capacity Barrel peed L x W x H Weight Power
WGP25 25L 85 r/min 680 x 700 x 750mm 100 Kg 0.55 KW
WGP50 50L 60 r/min 730 x 720 x 1200mm 150 Kg 1 KW
WGP100 100L 40 r/min 1020 x 900 x 1300mm 200 Kg 1.1 KW
WGP200 200L 30 r/min 1090 x 1000 x 1420mm 500 Kg 2.2 KW
WGP300 300L 30 r/min 1450 x 1000 x 1420mm 560 Kg 2.2 KW
WGP500 500L 25 r/min 1660 x 1300 x 1520mm 1000 Kg 5.5 KW

Model Capacity Barrel Speed L x W x H Weigh Power
WGP2x140 2x140 L 40 r/min 2570x850x126mm 100 Kg 3 KW
WGP2x300 2x300 L 30 r/min 3000x1300x1450mm 560 Kg 4 KW
WGP2x500 2x500 L 25 r/min 3870x1150x1420 1000 Kg 7.5 KW