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The body is made of modified alloy steel, fully heat treated to 285~341 Brinell hardness and 54J minimum impact strength. Connections are phosphated, coated with thread dope and equipped with thread protectors, and are accord with API standard.

Three different types (T, F and B) of rollers are offered:
Type T: Milled, machined with sharp hard faced teeth, for soft formations.
Type F: Milled, machined with flat hard faced teeth, for medium hard formations.
Type B: Equipped with pressed-in tungsten carbide buttons, for hard formations.

Item Hole size Rotary Reamers
Connection Overall length
(mm) Neck OD
(mm) Roller Dia.
(mm) Roller length
1 26〞 7-5/8H90 3000 254 178 400
2 17-1/2〞 7-5/8REG 2200 228 140 304
3 12-1/4〞 7-5/8REG 2000 228 100 300
4 8-1/2〞 4IF 1730 165 71 200