Sell Rotary cut Veneer- Bintangor

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Skyflag----A new bright star of woodworks. Striving towards Being the First Class Woodworks International Group, Skyflag has become one of the most competitive manufacturers and sellers in China with diligent work for several years. We break the old management frame and first bring up the concept of Skyflag Veneer Supermarket. We will extend our supermarkets all over the world, prepare veneer next to your door, and let you enjoy our excellent quality, competitive price and best service.1) Size 2500*1300*0.35/0.5mm
2) color: red
3) Quality standred:
Face A/B grade: Uniform color, slight discoloration is allowed. no hole, no insect hole Allowing splits within 20cm
Face C grade: Small parts yellow and White discoloration is allowed, no hole, a few white insect holes are allowed, The splits within 20cm are allowed!
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