Buy Rough Diamonds from Direct Suppliers Needed

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We have a very solid and proven experienced buyer of large quantity of Rough Diamonds from the direct supplier only, the Buyer wants to buy the following:

High quality Gemstones:
Qualifications:2-180 carats stones, FL-Vs1 and better, Sawable, D-J, they can absorb 15,000 to 500,000 monthly.

Seller must provide:

1) Kimberly Certificate

2) Origin must be from: Sierra Leone, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, DRC, Russia, Belgium or Switzerland.

3) Price per carat needed, and a good price, measurements, weight, clarity, color(Matrix)

The inspection must be done in New York, no exception, the Buyer will provide Bank to Bank wire transfer, Cash to SWIFT Only, they will not accept a Letter of Credit of any kind.

If you are a direct proven supplier or have direct access, contact me, otherwise, please do not contact me if you do not have proven supplier with proven product.