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N. S. B. Group is owner of Roxxoff brand, manufacturer and worldwide sales office
of unique Roxxoff TM drinks and we looking for importers/distributors in different countries.
ROXXOFF TM drinks Natural and Unique Aphrodisiac Vodka mixed Energy Drink.
As the natural herb based formula combined with 5% double distillate pure grain alcohol (vodka) , was used by the nobility from the ancients times, promote boosting processes on your body by stimulating energy and libido.
Herbal extracts for the medical applications was used from the time 400 B. C. and not only that.
The herbal extracts used in ROXXOFF TM drinks, such as Epimedium brevicornum has been used as an Aphrodisiac and research has also proven its effects on improving sexual desire and performance. It diminishes the tendency of weariness and stress and increases the energy and libido.
In addition for increases muscle tone and slows down ageing, bust of energy.
In herbal medicine Cordyceps sinensis has been used for treating Cardiovascular and Circulatory Disorders, Effects on Cholesterol and Lipid Metabolism, Reproductive Disorders Sexual Dysfunctions (Male and Female) , Genito-urinary
and Renal Disorders, night sweats, and senile weakness.
Sincerely yours.
NSB Group