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Royal Jelly is a viscous, milky white secretion produced by the worker bee upon which all bee larvae feed during the first three days of life. Because queen larvae continue to feed on this substance (and live thirty to forty times longer) , various herbalists claim that royal jelly is especially effective in halting or controlling the aging process, nourishing the skin and erasing facial blemishes and wrinkles. Royal jelly is also a rich source of protein. Royal jellys chemistry has been studied and contains all the essential amino acids, unsaturated fats, natural sugars, minerals, and the B vitamins (B5 and B6) . Tests have shown that royal jelly can have an effect on the adrenal cortex, stimulating the adrenal glands to produce a positive reaction on increased metabolism and enhanced energy. It has been traditionally known to improve skin beauty, increase energy, reduce anxiety, alleviate sleeplessness, minimize moodiness, reduce memory loss, and support the immune system.