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Nowdays the mankind knows hundreds names of vodkas from all around the world, but no one will dispute the historical superiority of Russia in vodka industry. . .

Velvet smoothness
Matured 30 days before bottling
40 % alc. /vol. (80 proof)
0,75 l
NRF plastic closure with tubular hopper
6 bottles / 0,75 l / case

RP Velvet vodka is produced with 100% grain spirits and softened live water. Such ingredients as ascorbic acid, vitamins of B group and succinic acid stimulate metabolic processes in a humane organism, reduce the absorption of the toxic substances into the blood, and, thus, lessen a possible (due to overdrinking) morning after syndrome.

We do not have to mention how many times our vodkas are distilled, filtered, what glacier water or what type of filter we use or even why the Siberian birch charcoal is superior to most the professionals very well know the marketing effect of this information. What we should mention is that a classic Russian vodka is produced with 100% grain spirits and live purified water smoothed by natural products but most importantly it has the secret ingredient of Russian soul and spirited by Russian technologists dedication and love of the process. Every technologist has his own secrets and know-how. So do our technologists with more than 20 years experience of making vodka. One secret we can open to you: a good vodka has to rest, to mature, at least a fortnight before to be bottled. This is one of the differences between our products and those of world famous distilleries, which have a 24 hours production cycle. The managers of our team with 15 30 years experience in the alcohol industry are inspired with the idea of producing really handicraft spirits.
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FOB Varna port, Bulgaria