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Blowing agent TSH is the low temperature Vesicant. It is used in lots of plastic and nature synthetic rubber PVC. Such as PVC etc. The decompose. temperature is 100~1060, The standard of inflate gas is 120ml/g, the object that decompose from the Vesicant TSH is named Toluene Sulphur Acerbity, which have no color , no poison , no bad smell, and no pollution. The best character of this production is : it is solving very slow, this character is concord with the condition when the rubber sulfurating . In that , the rubber sulfuration can acting with the foaming simultaneity. Then it give rise to lots of minuteness foam hole that is very small and equality. So that it is have lots of merits , such as limited shrinkage rate , foaming effective , avulsion intensify. It is very proper and well to use to produce bubble plastic that have no hole and sponge glue, which is used in sports shoes , rubberized fabric ect. . If it is used with PVC can generate white foaming object. , but in some situation, it is must chroming. The temperature when Vesicant TSH is decompose. is very low, , it is needn't to use other the complement when it foaming. In order to avoid foaming too early, It is must prohibit high temperature when in the produce process. Normally, lower than 800.
It is can't used with some additive such as lead , salt ect. In order to avoid pollution , it is also can't used with H-Vesicant . because when they mixed , it 's will produce quantity of heat. , and that will burning the rubber.
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