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Imported natural rubber is used as the rubber material; The steel plate has been specially treated so the adhesion between the rubber and the steel plate far exceeds the stipulation in natural standard. The stipulation in natural standard. The hardness of the rubber is between Shore55-70A. The shock absorbers with different hardness should be selected for different models. The absorbers are suitable for various single steel wheels, double steel wheels, vibration rollers, rammer type rollers and rubbish vibration roller.
The products of the company are economical and durable. The rubber caterpillar band is wearable, tear-resistant, aging resistant, with long service life. It is applicable to various locally manufactured and imported pavement pavers, excavators and milling and planning machines, etc. The rubber shock absorbers are diversified from the large ones used in trai n, bridge and building to the small ones such as that used in computer, suitable for various locally manufactured and imported vibration roller, pile driver, plate rammer, engine, crusher, automobile and passenger cars, etc. The company also produces various special rubber products such as tubular truss structure, lattice framed structure light steel structure rubber supporting frames, bridge rubber supporting seat and various special oil resistant, high temperature resistant and acid-alkali resistant rubber products. The company also rethreads various rubber caterpillar bands and rubber wheels of milling and planning machines, etc. The company provides quality guarantee and quality tracing for all the engineering machinery products it supplies and return as well as replacement within the warranty period can be guarante
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