Sell Rubber Fatigue Cracking Machine

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The rubber fatigue cracking machine is used to test the cracking performance of vulcanized rubber and rubber shoes by repeated flex. It conforms to the standard of GB/T 13934, GB/T13935, GB/T3901, GB/T4495, ISO132 and ISO133. It integrates host and controller with digital setting, displaying flex times and automatic stands. It can separately fix the specimen in the clamp. It is the newest improved testing machine.
Technical parameters:
1. frequency of down clamp: 300c/min
2. adjustable max distance beween upper and down clamp: 200mm
3. adjustable max distance of eccentric wheel: 50mm
4. max trip of down clamp: 100mm
5. dimension: 700W450W980 (mm)
6. net weight: 120kg
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700W450W980 (mm)
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