Sell Rubber Flooring

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Shenyang Success Rubber Product Co. , Ltd is an enterprise that primarily produces rubber flooring and rubber sheeting.

One of product that we make:Colourful & elastic durable rubber floor. It's a high-tech and it can protect enviroment. It intituled era of five stuff for cover floor by experts. Nowadays, we have four sections of the products for the floor of the construction markets, they are:bamboo, marble, chamical fiber and fictile. But bamboo is inflammable, easy for metamorphic and insect pest. Marble is easy for break and moist, it's smooth and maybe have some radiocontaminations. It's easy for exist that the animalcule in chemical fiber. and it's difficult to clear, and has static. Fictile is more easy for break and smooth, some fictiles is very expensive.
Colourful & elastic durable rubber floor is a new product for cover floor. It has particular advantage. We can use it in inside and outside. It has credible security and it can health care for us, because it has kind colour, soft or hard elasticity, and it's bland for eyesight, comfortable for foots, relax for body.
This product has checked by some authorities, the result it's innocuous, not stimulate. It's wearproof and perdurable. When you cover it you don't need bond or other staff. You can do it yourself. It'seasy for cut and assembled.

Our concept of production is:"promise our product is safe and comfortable"
Our concept of operation is:"Do it best for our customers"