Sell Rubber Gasket

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Rubber gaskets include:
AG 1901 Silicon Gasket
AG 1902 NBR Gasket
AG 1903 Viton Gasket
AG 1904 Other Rubber Gasket
Through the development of silicone gasket materials, this kind of gaskets are wildly used in low-pressure environment of hot or cold water, seawater and air. It is also suitable for pipe flange and interconnecting piece of machine through which the inorganic acid, fuel oil, aromatic solvent, etc.
NBR Gasket has good resistance to oils and solvents. It has good resistance to caustics and salts. It has poor resistance to strong oxidizing agents, acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Viton Gasket has good resistance to oils, fuels, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and strong acids and has poor resistance to steam, amine and ketone.
Besides, we also offer neoprene, natural rubber, ethylene propylene terpolymer rubber and acrylic ester.

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