Sell Rubber O-Ring (O Ring)

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Strictly defined, an O-ring is a toroid: a doughnut shape with a round major diameter and a round cross-section. Dimensions are typically reported as Inside Diameter (ID) and Cross-Section (W) .
O-rings are available in hundreds of standard sizes and an infinite number of custom possibilities ranging from 0.030" to 0.500" in cross-section and from 0.030" and larger in Inside Diameter. Through the use of various proprietary manufacturing techniques, there is no upper limit to Inside Diameter of a custom O-ring.
1) Made from NBR, BR, FPM, MVQ
2) Sulfured completely, excellent high&low temperature resistance, oil resistance and wearing resistance
3) Intensity strength: 17MPa; elongation: >or=300%
4) Permanent compression deformation less than 20%. Test method is on the basis of ASTM D395
5) State standard and non-state standard sizes available
6) Colors: black, blue, brown