Sell Rubber Sealing Element

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1 feature

The rubber sealing element of our company are mainly produced through domestically imported spare part, from mapping of sample, analysis of rubber genus, design and production of die to contract of the whole manufacture process. The product can be made according to the requirement of customers.

2 usage

It is applied to be installed on all kinds of mechanical equipment, and seal function will operate in different liquid and gas under static or kinetic condition with prescriptive temperature and pressure.

3 specification

All kinds of specification of O type, A type, J type, L type, Y type rubber seal ring. All kinds of specification of rubber oil seal for framework type, J type non-framework, U type non-framework. All kinds of specification of rubber seal ring of YX type for aperture and YX type for axis. The category of rubber are: Chlorine butyric rubber, butyl rubber, silicon rubber, nature rubber, fluorite silicon rubber, 23, 26 and 246 type polyfluoroprene
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