Sell Rubber chemical rubber accelerator and rubbera andioxidant

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Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co. , Ltd(UP&C) is a joint-stock company founded in 1992. We specialize in manufacture of fine chemicals.
UP&C was certify under ISO9001-2000.
UP&C produce widely of nano-aluminium oxide, rubber chemical, water base pigment pastes. Main products are Rubber accelerator ZDMC(PZ) , ZDEC(EZ) , ZDBC(BZ) , ZEPC(PX) , ZBEC, TDEC, DTDM, DPTT(TRA) , TBzTD, TETD, TMTM(TS) , TMTD(TT) , PPD, CED, CuMDC(CDD) , SDBC(TP) , SDEC, SDMC(SDD) , ETU(Na-22) , DPG(D) , MBS(NOBS) , ZMBT(MZ) , TBBS(NS) , CBS(CZ) . MBT(M) MBTS(DM) Rubber antioxidant MB, NBC, RD(TMQ) etc.