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ACS-37GJB15 is a rugged portable computer
which is using to debugging equipment and collecting data in industrial environment or fieldwork. It is more solid than usual portable computer with good resist-Vibration and resist-shock. It also can work stably when suffered from Hertzian waves or in a harsh environment. It is one of the best solutions to improve work efficiency in harsh environment.
Such as:
 Vehicle-carry system of war industry
 Fieldwork of war industry
 Ship-carry system of navigate
 Central system of testing and control
 Testing system of waterpower & electric power & fieldwork
1.1 Configure
1.1.1Chassis configure
Motherboard parameter
ACS-6172VE, P4 845GV PICMG full-size card , Intel 845G/GV chipset, onboard 64M-shared display memory, integrate CRT, LAN, DOC ports .
 Processor: Support Socket 478 Intel . Pentium 4 Processor, up to 3.06GHZ
 System memory: Two DDR DIMM sockets, support DDR 266/333 up to 2GB
 NIC: Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces
 USB: four USB 2.0 ports
 Expansion Bus: Support PCI Rve2.2 Expansion Bus, Powerful driving of ISA BUS
Backplane: ACS-1008P4
Keyboard: 88 keys keyboard
Mouse: touch mouse
Display: low-radiation 15? LCD
Power supply : PS-200ATX (1U) -YM
1.1.2Hardware configure
CPU: Intel P4 2.8G/533
Memory: HY 512M (DDR)
HDD: HDD40GB (7200R)
Display: onboard
NIC: one onboard, and another wireless NIC (GN-WLM01)

1.2 Physical specification
Dimensions(W?H?D) : 415.63?304.38?226(mm)
Wight: less than or equal to 25kg
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature: -100C~550C(-200C~650C storage)
Relative humidity: 70~93% at 400C(not coagulation )
Vibrancy : 5~17Hz, 0.1?
10~500Hz, 1.5 acceleration peak-Peak
Impact: 15G acceleration peak-Peak (11ms)
1.3 Product standard
per GJB322A-98, GJB150.1-1986
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5000 per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
415.63 x304.38 x226
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 working days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
100% TT inadvance
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
2 years
less than or equal to 16kg